Yes, it is and no, it isn't. It is all of the above and then some.

Mili's debut album – Ten melody drenched songs, guaranteed to touch hearts beyond language borders – is called "Written In The Stars."
Composition & Lyrics by MILI.

An appropriate title, as it turns out. The album seems to be brushed by the fingers of destiny. Here is the story of how the album was recorded. Proof, if proof is needed, that the universe can conspire to make your dreams come true.

Once the songs were written, Mili asked herself :

What if?

What if we got the best musicians, the people we most respect and adore, to collaborate with us on this album?

What if we got one of the best sound engineers to record the album?

What if we got the best mixing and mastering engineers to finish the album?

From that impossible question – and remember, these questions were being asked of herself sitting at home in Chennai, India - grew a set of circumstances that saw the best in world come together to create some of the freshest, most joyful music ever.

MILI - Vocals
Composition and Lyrics by MILI
Produced by HAMESH

Speaking about the process,
Mili still gets goosebumps over what
she call "the power of the universe."

"That it all came together was like a dream playing out in real life. To be in a studio in LA; surrounded by the best musicians in the world, arranging and playing my songs! It was the universe flowing through that studio. Those moments felt so right, like it was always meant to be. And I remember thinking, 'With love like this, it has to show in the music.' And I think it does."

It is a sentiment echoed by the musicians themselves.

"Oh it’s a fantastic experience! I had a great time doing this. Not only it was fun to do, but musically really rewarding because the music that Mili brought to us I think is really diversified and has real integrity and musical value that I think a lot of us, especially us musicians, want to hear and want to participate in. This record is something that you know, people need to hear! It needs to live. This music is like an injection of medicine into that mainstream. It comes from an artist who’s taking their work seriously but having fun with it, making an honest statement, and it’s fun too! It makes you feel good! My message to the listener is to just put it on, listen to it and just open your heart and enjoy it because it will make you feel good!"

Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums

It’s a combination of good people, good vibes, good music, good instrumentalists that have played on it and good songs. It’s incredible to be a part of it. Look out for it! And be prepared to enjoy yourself and enjoy the music. It’s got some good stuff on it.They captured something that a lot of artists, singers/songwriters don’t do, with the music, with the lyrics, it appeals to musicians, it appeals to music lovers across borders, it appeals to everyone! That’s what I like about it!

James Genus - Bass

"It’s been great! She writes really great tunes and they were very inspirational to work with. I had a bunch of good ideas for sort of how to orchestrate it and how to put it together. They have a very strong vibe so it was easy. I think it’s gonna be a great record from start to finish."

George Whitty - Piano

There is only one thing that anyone can do to experience the magic of this album. Listen to it. And then listen to it again. Like all great works of art, Mili's ‘Written In The Stars' gets better every time you meet it.